Experiment #9: Anthropomorphism

"Cut it out. You're tickling me", said God.
Brandon had been rubbing his pen for a few minutes now without noticing that he was doing it.
"Sorry, it wasn't intentional. Besides, you're not being much of a help today. Can you blame me for getting distracted?"
"I'm always helping you. As long as you use me and refill my ink when necessary, I'll continue helping you. But I can only do so much. I can't just shower you with ideas or write these things for you, that would defeat the purpose."
"Well, if you don't give me something, I won't have any money to buy your next refill. So at least give me a spark."
"Just write about how you're feeling, or something. Or maybe about whatever pops into your head in the next few minutes. I'm sure if you start to build momentum, inspiration will come. If you don't build any momentum, the inspiration never comes. You know this."
"It's one of those days …

Narrative #1

"The Thought of Peter": Chapter I
Peter woke up. Where it was that he woke up wasn’t certain, nor was it necessarily important. There was silence all around him, the only thing that he could hear was the sound of his own thoughts. The first thought that came to him was to open his eyes and move, but he had no feeling whatsoever of his body. There was no taste in his mouth, and he couldn’t smell anything. The only thing that he could do was think and try to visualize where he might be. Where had he been last, before he fell asleep? He couldn’t remember. A wave of terror fell over him. Without any sensory grounding, he could not imagine what the time of day was, who he could be in the presence of, or if he was even awake at all. The only thing that gave him any sense of assurance that he had woken up was the strange series of events that had just occurred in the setting of what seemed like a dream. He had been somewhere just before, and now he was nowhere, he thought. Peter play…

Experiment #0.1: Jimmy


Here is a song I wrote called "Jimmy". It's about a friend of mine named Jimmy.
I contributed to the production of the song and did the vocals and some instrumentation.
The 80's Japanese karaoke aura of the song was intentional!

Experiment #0: Infinite Piano

Recorded on Feb 9 2018

Experiment #5: In Media Res

There was no ledge left to grasp on to. Even if there was, her arms were too weak to weak to reach. She had been afraid that this would happen, but she had proceeded anyway with hope that it was worth her while to keep moving. She thought that this is the way that things worked -- if you give up before it's all said and done, the sense of shame is far worse than an undesirable outcome. But what she was facing then was the outcome of all outcomes, and in her case she took it to be very undesirable. She was paralyzed, she felt as though she was trapped in some sort of purgatory. There was no chance for her to maneuver back down, and similarly no way for her to continue forward. This was the worst part of it all, that it was completely out of her control. Her heart was racing and although she maintained the same position, she felt as though she was tumbling and spinning downwards. She felt a wave of terror as she began to lose feeling in her right middle-finger. And then it was her l…

Experiment #4: Three Lyrical Poems

His wings spread underneath you And horns sounded all around The captain of your faith fulfilled the pleasures of the ground
The town came 'round to see him He gave a weak hello "He planted the seed of death to grow inside the womb of her!"
Clytemnestra, Clytemnestra
Four came out before you And bells sounded all around The third one burned in order so that wind would blow once more
Clytemnestra, Clytemnestra
War broke out amongst them With love shattered all around And chants rained down upon their heads, for she had blessed the sound
Zeus looked down in horror And cried, "what have I done? The fall of reason and remorse was brought by my jaded spout!"
But still she bowed before him And felt what he had known But in that moment knew that she belonged by no man's throne

Untitled (1/2)
This cosmological idea you have Of what it means to me To be a human being
You push yourself in waters deeper than The ever-reaching sea To sell yourself for fre…

Creative Writing Experiment #1

Creative Writing Experiment #1 (Thematic slips given were 'a lazy unicorn' and 'the library')
A lazy unicorn exits the library. He makes a vicious attempt to imagine how things had come to this. He wonders, "where did I go wrong?" "Was it my horn?" It must have been. Perhaps he didn't oil it well enough. He tried to rationalize. "I know it to be a fact that I am the best horn player in all the land, for this is all that I have ever done." He was too lazy to do anything else.
For many months the unicorn had anticipated the moments which had just come and gone. He practiced day in and day out, laboring over the most well-known and loved contemporary pieces of the day. He often daydreamed of how he would be revered throughout history for doing what had never been done. He thought about the day that he first trotted into that very same library, and the sadness he felt for everyone inside. "Why... all of these people! They appear so mi…